Get Custom Parts You Can't Find in Store

Turn to us for custom steel and handrail fabrication services in Billings, MT

Need a custom metal product for your outdoor remodeling project? Can't find the right steel grating at the hardware store? Contact KDR Industries for custom steel fabrication services in Billings, MT. Our professional welders can create any product you need, including stairs, handrails, hardware, railings, ramps and gratings.

Are you curious about the other products we can create? Call 406-861-6627 or 406-350-2284 now to discuss our custom steel fabrication services.

Take advantage of our custom handrail fabrication services

While you could order a factory-made handrail online, you'd miss out on the advantages of hiring a professional welder for custom handrail fabrication services. When you work with our welders, you will:

  • Enjoy durable products made of high-quality materials
  • Get custom parts that fit the exact dimensions of your space
  • Create a unique design that adds a personal touch to your space
Don't settle for mass-produced steel parts. Hire us for handrail fabrication services today.